At Buddha Fight Wear we continue working to offer the best possible service to our community and our shipments continue to go out normally, with all orders being delivered in their established time.

For this purpose and to guarantee the adequate and correct functioning of both our warehouse and our logistics partners, we have implemented the following security measures :

- Masks, gloves and disinfectant material are used during the preparation of orders.
- During pickups at our warehouse, carriers are required to wear safety masks to enter our warehouses or they do not get out of the vehicle and it is the warehouse staff who loads the orders onto the truck.
- We always maintain a minimum of two meters distance during delivery.

- On a regular basis, carriers They disinfect their hands and the scanner with disinfectant liquid.

Still, we are aware that these efforts may not be enough, which is why we offer the option of Wait to receive your order once this situation is over , as an alternative to receiving it now. To help you in your decision, Buddha will take care of all shipping costs for those who decide to wait until the end of confinement, as a thank you for your patience.

We deeply appreciate your support at this time.
We are in this together and soon we will return to the gym.

A big hug,

Buddha Team